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                                   USED GUN SELECTION
   Picture of used gun database
Mfg.                              Model                      Cal./Guage                      Description                               Price
Ruger10/22 Compact22 Long Rifle99%$459.00
Smith & WessonK-2222 Long Rifle90%$1,500.00
Savage12 Varmint22-250 Rem98% w/scope$800.00
WeatherbyAccumark300 Weatherby Mag99%$1,695.00
Winchester70 Stainless338 Win.99%$995.00
RugerSuper Single Six Stainless22 LR and 22 Magnum90%$600.00
Remington7600 w/scope30-06 springfield98%$800.00
Winchester1892 Deluxe25-2080%$13,000.00
Winchester1873 Daisy Rifle44-4040%$2,000.00
Scultz and Larsen38 Target22 Long Rifle90%$750.00
MauserFN22-250 Rem90%$475.00
Thompson CenterRenegade Black Powder54 cal. & 50 cal.90%$450.00
S&WK-2222 Long Rifle95%$1,000.00
RockolaM1 Carbine30 Carbine80%$700.00
Winchester1905SL32 SL60%$695.00
Winchester188645-70 Govt.80%$2,500.00
Spencer1865 Carbine50 Cal.80%$5,000.00
Spencer1865 Rifle44 Cal.80%$6,000.00
Sharps1859 Carbine50 Cal.70%$6,000.00