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                                   USED GUN SELECTION
   Picture of used gun database
Mfg.                              Model                      Cal./Guage                      Description                               Price
RugerBlackhawk Flattop357 Mag.98%$1,000.00
NoslerM486.5 Creedmoor99%$1,400.00
Browning Double Auto12 ga.80% w/extra bbl.$650.00
RugerSingle Ten22 Long Rifle99%$499.00
Winchester12 Pigeon Grade12 ga.95%$4,500.00
Merkel147E20 ga.New$5,795.00
PerazziMX8-2020 ga.98%$6,000.00
StarFirestar45 auto.98%$429.00
L C SmithIdeal16 ga.95%$4,800.00
SakoXS Varmint223 Rem98% w/Leupold scope$1,695.00
Sauer9030/06 Spring.98% w/Leupold scope$1,900.00
BrowningSuperposed20 ga.99%$3,000.00
Winchester94 pre 6430/30 Win90%$900.00
Winchester94 pre 6432 Win. Special90%$800.00
Winchester6322 Long Rifle90%$800.00
RugerM-77 Gunsite Scout308 Win.100%$799.00
J P SauerSide by Side20 ga.98%$1,500.00
Winchester6122 Long Rifle90% w/box$900.00
Winchester62A22 Long Rifle80%$500.00